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Turistour is one of the most important Regional Operators in the country. With a large national presence from San Pedro de Atacama to Santiago and Los Lagos Region in southern Chile. Since starting its transport services in 1913, Turistour has managed to put together a multi-disciplined, professional and highly dedicated team, that receives around 200 thousand passengers each year. Below, you can see our corporate structure:


Turistour has a first-class fleet of vehicles, including tour buses, mini buses, sprinters and vans. All our vehicles are fitted with seat belts, air conditioning, panoramic windows, reclining seats, GPS, monitoring system of day activities and a cell phone operated instant messaging network. All our drivers are highly qualified and have passed their altitude tests (issued by the Chilean Security Association) as well as their safe driving tests (pre-employment tests), which ensure a high level of safety on board.


During our 98-year journey, Turistour has perfected its tourism transport service in Chile, improving the service and always offering an up-to-date and modern fleet fitted with the latest technology.

The integrity, punctuality and quality of our services have allowed us to become a leading company in San Pedro de Atacama, Santiago and Los Lagos Region. Our transport division offers services such as:

  • Special trips and services for businesses and public entities.
  • Airport transfers
  • Student trips.


At Turistour we offer our clients both regular and private excursions to San Pedro de Atacama, Santiago and Los Lagos Region. All our excursions have bilingual tour guides, specialized drivers and a first- class fleet of vehicles.

In San Pedro we offer tours to the Tatio Geysers, Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley), Altiplanic Lagoons, The Atacama Salt flats, Cejar Lake, Puritama Natural Springs, archeological tours and more.

From Santiago, we offer tours to Valparaíso and Viña del Mar, vineyards, mountain tours, a city tour of Santiago, Portillo, the Pablo Neruda Trail and more.

In Los Lagos Region, we offer city tours in Puerto Varas and Puerto Montt, tours of the Osorno Volcano, the Petrohué Waterfalls, Frutillar, the mythical island of Chiloé and of course the small village of Peulla, our birthplace, which has a special eco-tourism route.


Peulla can be found in the Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park, the oldest in Chile. It is a beautifully attractive ecological village, located only 27 kilometers from Argentina.

There are many outdoor activities available to do which allow you to be in touch with the beautiful nature and learn about the flowers and plants there. There are many activities to make you fall in love with this beautiful Andean village, such as: canopying, trekking, kayaking, horse riding, sailing on the lakes and rivers and fly fishing.


For over 98 years it has been one of the most important trips in Chile, showing people the natural beauty of southern Chile and Argentina with a crossing between Puerto Varas (Chile) and Bariloche (Argentina).

The Andean Crossing© originated in 1913 with Ricardo Roth, who began taking European tourists over the mountain range on unknown routes.

TURISTOUR is concerned about the prevention of exploitation and the preservation of the integrity of human beings, especially when this exploitation may affect minors, in any of its forms. That is why, aware of these problems, we adhere to the policies of exploitation of human beings, taking preventive measures to support this campaign https://www.novojet.cl/HTML/novojet/politica-sustentabilidad.html